About me

As a NYC native, I bought my first film camera (a Ricoh KR Super II) in Williamsburg, BK in the Fall of 2019. With no prior experience, I learned how to use a film camera from watching youtube videos, practicing shooting street photography, & understanding the different types of film.

As a man who was homeless before the pandemic, I isolated myself heavily but I found a new passion and a place to live just before the world stood still. I patiently waited, honed my craft when I could & bought essential gear preparing for the quarantine to end. Through this new medium, I was able to find beauty in the streets I had walked alone.

Somehow, the pandemic was a blessing for me & it showed through my photos. It’s about giving the person a moment that can’t be re-created because it captures the authenticity of the person I’m photographing. I know that film doesn’t always look the same everyday you shoot cuz of the sun, the placement of your subject, etc. but the nostalgia of that photo makes it more meaningful than digital to me. As things unfold for me in new ways, I'm excited to explore, collaborate & share my experiences with you through this new genre of creativity in a scope I never thought possible.