About me

As a NYC native, I bought my first film camera (a Ricoh KR Super II) in Williamsburg, BK in the Fall of 2019. With no prior experience, I learned how to use a film camera from watching youtube videos, practicing shooting street photography, & understanding the different types of film.

As a man who was homeless before the pandemic, I isolated myself heavily but I found a new passion and a place to live just before the world stood still. I patiently waited, honed my craft when I could & bought essential gear preparing for the quarantine to end. Through this new medium, I was able to find beauty in the streets I had walked alone.

Somehow, the pandemic was a blessing for me & it showed through my photos. Now, as things unfold for me in new ways, I'm excited to explore this new genre of creativity in a scope I never thought of before. I'm excited to collaborate with & share my experiences with you.

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